Hotel Indigo LES, New York City, New York USA



Location As its name infers, Hotel Indigo LES is located in New York City’s Lower East Side, an area once known for its artists and musicians, cheap rents and shady characters. Uptown life is threatening the area and with the creeping commerce comes swanky and throughly impressive buildings like the Indigo LES, which sits on Ludlow Street, right in the thick of the bars, music venues, and nightlife.


Lodging Opened in December 2015, Hotel Indigo LES boasts something not many New York City hotels have: space. Massive space. The lobby may well have more than any hotel anywhere. It’s open-plan with lots of seating, and has a market cafe in one corner. But, it is the lobby’s location on the 14th floor and the fact that it is walled with glass that seals the deal with views right over the city. Let’s just say, this developer got lucky with air rights. It is quite compelling. The bedrooms are also spacious, some have large terraces and  there’s a duplex penthouse that’s breathtaking. Otherwise, the hotel takes design inspiration from graffiti art, something synonymous with the Lower East Side beginning in the 1980s, back when it was called property damage!


Mr. Purple is the hotel’s main bar and restaurant, and is located on the rooftop level. It has lots of outdoor seating space, too. There is a small lap pool on the roof. There is a parking garage adjacent to the hotel.


View of a Room 704 This is a Deluxe King Room with Terrace. And it is undeniably among the largest of rooms in the city. Not only does the bedroom have plenty of legroom, but the bathroom is far from cramped and has beautiful painted tile flooring. The terrace isn’t just a little space, either  — it’s big enough to throw a party on and has privacy fencing, and lounge chairs. SO, go ahead: have a party. Or just chill. Is this New York York City or Los Angeles you might be tempted to ask yourself. Even the in-room safe is large enough for a laptop — smart thinking. Note the spray paint can cocktail shaker and nods to graffiti artists on the walls. Yup, there goes that local theme again.


IMG_6474Hotel Indigo Lower East Side

171 Ludlow Street

NY, NY 10002



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