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The original Hotel Junkie is an adopted dog named Barney. He traveled far and wide, and really loved a welcoming hotel. What’s not to love, he thought. People bring food to my room, then there’s another room where different people bring food, but I’m not allowed in there. One day, he vowed. Then, there’s the desk clerk and other people hanging out in the lobby with the sole purpose of handing out biscuits. There’s usually an interesting walk nearby, too. And that comfy bed?

Yes, Barney loved hotels. Look at him smiling while lounging at the W Dallas. Alas, Barney moved onto another realm and now his little brother Shadow is following in his footsteps. So, in the end, Hotel Junkie is about love, life, and living.

Photo: Hotel Junkie at the W Dallas’s rooftop pool, Texas. Photo credit: Hotel Junkie

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